BroadWire Networks - About Us

BroadWire Networks was established to bridge the gap between major Tier 1 carriers and Service Providers of all types. Based on years of experience within the Internet industry, we recognized the difficulty that businesses and individuals encountered getting the services they needed in a timely, efficient and cost effective fashion. Additionally, we felt that we could take the hassle out of dealing with multiple carriers for multiple services while trying to be cost-conscious at the same time. Customers previously had to go through several separate providers to connect them to the technology needed to drive their companies. With our services, this time-consuming process has been eliminated. Furthermore, we realized that working as an intermediary between the customers and the providers, we could solve certain efficiency issues. The inaccessibility of large carriers' technical support in a timely manner is bypassed through our relationships with management level support teams. Founded on the desire to bring better service and bandwidth pricing to businesses, BroadWire Networks has established a unique niche for itself.

As bandwidth remains one of the major cornerstones of technology-based business, budget becomes a key factor in the acquisition and deployment of consumer services. By dedicating ourselves to the bandwidth market, we able to guarantee that we can offer you the absolute lowest prices on bandwidth without compromising our high standards for speed, quality, and service.

Our company's main focus is to make sure our customers are more than satisfied with our services. We look to build long-term customer relationships and to help accelerate your success in the Internet economy. Our customer service does not end at the sale; we review pricing on a quarterly basis in an effort to re-negotiate contracts with carriers on your behalf. By providing a single point of contact, our company works as a powerful ally to your enterprise. Your time will be free to focus on the success of your company, not on bandwidth and connectivity procurement. Our dedicated, data certified consultants will see to all your enterprise's needs. They will help with planning, pricing, contract negotiations, provisioning, and provide growth strategies with built-in cost controls.

Because we are a carrier neutral company we have the flexibility to hunt for the lowest cost bandwidth ANYWHERE. If your enterprise has a carrier preference, we are able to work with that carrier and provide you with a better price for their services. If, however, you do not have a carrier preference, then we are able to provide your enterprise with unbiased information on the carrier that will benefit you the most and maintain fiscal responsibility towards your bottom line. We WILL find the carrier who can provide you with the best service for the best price. If you are an established organization with mission critical projects that need the highest Service Level Agreements (SLA's) with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) or if you are just starting out and price is your motivation we also have the solution for you. From Internet to Data to Voice services, BroadWire Networks is committed to providing timely, cost effective, and hassle-free solution throughout your enterprise.